August, 1914

25 Mar

This remarkable photograph was taken amidst the first incursion of the German Army into Belgium in August of 1914:

The degree to which this event and the ones that followed over the coming months are now popularly conceived of as being somehow “unimportant” or “uninteresting” is dismaying.  I’ll have a lot more to say about the German-Belgian front as this blog continues to develop.  From the crossing of the frontier to the burning of Louvain to the fall of Antwerp to the flooding of the Yser, here we find a campaign so rich in drama and action, so steeped in heartless cruelty and breathtaking heroism, that it hardly seems recognizable as a part of the First World War at all.  Those expecting the same stale tales of mud, trenches and futility will find nothing of the sort.


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