25 Mar

Sort of a lame and unexplosive manner in which to begin, but here we are.

This blog — named after the site of the War Propaganda Bureau’s offices in London from the earliest days of the Great War onward — will serve as a collection of the various interesting/astonishing/appalling/inspiring things I have discovered and will continue to discover throughout the course of my research into the war, its culture, and its meaning.

A great deal of what will appear here will likely have a literary focus; I am an English teacher, after all, and such is the nature of my current project.  Nevertheless, those expecting the familiar recourse to the Sassoons and Remarques and Hemingways and Owenses may be disappointed; while such material may feature here from time to time (for there is much in there to be praised and enjoyed), I am far more interested in the art and ideas that throw a wrench into the tidy narrative that the works by the authors above are taken to create.  If you’ve read Douglas Jerrold’s 1930 pamphlet The Lie About the War or Cyril Falls’ introduction to his annotated bibliography of the War Books from the same year, you’ll have some inkling of where my sympathies lie.

In any event, posts will mostly be in the line of interesting miscellanea, passages from books, arresting images and the like; I hope also to post book and film reviews as time permits, and will certainly be highlighting the best of the rest of the Great War blogosophere (which exists and is surprisingly good).  The odd post about the broader artistic or literary culture of the time might sneak in — non-war works, I mean — but that will probably be a rare occurrence.  Still, fans of 1900-1930, take note!  Things might be up your alley, from time to time.

Thanks for your attention.  I hope to subsequently and continually reward it.


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