Upcoming Reception

26 Mar

The Vimy Memorial – Detail

The Ottawa Citizen reports that there will be a reception at the residence of the French Ambassador in Ottawa this April 4th in a bid to raise both funds for and awareness of the Vimy Memorial’s planned educational centre and programs.

The theme for the fundraising reception is Vimy and the arts.

Julian Smith, co-leader of the international conservation team for the Vimy monument, will deliver a keynote address on the artistic vision of the cenotaph. In 2005 the monument was closed for major restorations. Smith oversaw the $30-million project to repair the weather-damaged structure.

The medal worn by King Edward VIII at the memorial’s 1936 unveiling will be on display, and the Ottawa School of Dance will present a specially commissioned ballet. Food will be prepared by the French ambassador’s chef.

The not-for-profit foundation also runs the Vimy: Canada Coming of Age program and the Vimy-REAL virtual education program. Recently it was involved in getting an image of the Vimy monument on the new $20 bill.

At $200 a ticket it’s rather a steep proposition for someone like me, but I’m glad nevertheless to see such things happening.


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