Death from Above

28 Mar

[From Will R. Bird:]

Forty-eight airship raids were made on England, of which 12 included London.  59 aeroplane raids were made, and 20 included London.  There were 12 bombardments from the sea.  The casualties resulting from these were:


Airship Raids 275 171 110
Aeroplane Raids 520 195 142
Bombardments 69 45 42
TOTAL 1569


Airship Raids 708 431 1357
Aeroplane Raids 1141 585 324
Bombardments 210 194 634
TOTAL 5584

According to official figures from Berlin, 720 persons were killed and 1754 injured in enemy aerial attacks on German territory.  The damage caused by these raids was one million, one hundred and seventy-five thousand pounds.


2 Responses to “Death from Above”

  1. MPostle April 2, 2013 at 1:12 pm #

    Is that value the damage from the raids on Britain, the raids on Germany or the combined total?

    Any information on what kind of things were hit? Plenty of evidence for the WWII blitz here in London, but haven’t come across any results from air-ship attack!

    • Nick Milne April 2, 2013 at 10:20 pm #

      I believe the value is that of the damage of the raids on Germany, but Bird’s deployment of this table is dismayingly non-specific on that score. As for further information, Neil Hanson’s The First Blitz (2008) offers a readily available one-volume account of the dimensions of Germany’s WWI air raids on English targets.

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