The Intended Schedule

28 Mar

It has long been maintained by influence theorists that getting someone to commit to a thing in writing, even if it’s not binding in any way, is one of the best non-violent means there is of ensuring that the thing in question actually happens.

And so…

It is my intention that the blog should operate along the following schedule:

  • A new picture post at least every weekday.
  • One review of a WWI-related film or play per week, typically on Friday.
  • One review of/note on/engagement with a WWI-related book per week, typically on Tuesday.
  • One post about a WWI primary source (be it a treaty, a government report, a poem, a short story, a journal, an advertisement, or something else entirely) per week, typically on Thursday.
  • Other material whenever it becomes available or worthwhile.

The sidebar will be expanded over the next couple of weeks as well, and I’m open to tinkering with the blog’s design and layout if need be.  We’ll see.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to supply them in a comment below.


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