Wilhelm and Nicholas

4 Apr

Pursuant to the previous post containing Theodore Roosevelt’s telegrams to Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany and his cousin, Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, here’s a remarkable photograph from the same year (1905) showing the two men together:

For reasons I am powerless to provide, the two appear to have switched outfits with one another, right down to the hats.

Roosevelt’s telegrams indicated that the man on the left was shortly to become a hero to all the civilized world, while the man on the right was a sage and august ruler well known for the surety of his command and his love of peace.  Thirteen years after this photograph was taken, the man on the left would be an exile and a disgrace; the man on the right would be dead.


One Response to “Wilhelm and Nicholas”

  1. davidunderdown95 April 4, 2013 at 7:24 pm #

    I’ve heard that Wilhelm was honorary colonel of a British regiment, and George V of a German one (I think there may even be a similar picture of “swapped” uniforms). This may well be something similar.

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