Desperate measures

24 Apr

More from Will R. Bird’s The Communication Trench:

Sergeant Taylor had an ’18 draft t a rifle range near Ferfay.  They shot at 400 yards, and missed the targets.  He advanced to 300 yards, and had like results.  Looking like a thunder cloud, he placed them at 200 yards, and there were no hits.  Grimly he moved them to 100 yards, and not an man made an inner.

“Fix by’nets,” yelled Taylor, like a hungry tiger.  “Charge the targets, you blighters!  It’s your only ‘ope!”


Old Bill, worn by 36 straight months in France, neglected his rifle when we were at Bourlon, and was “on the carpet.”  The O.C. looked surprised to see him, and shuffled his papers.  “What was your last crime?” he asked.

“Havin’ a dirty bow an’ arrer,” grunted Bill.

The Captain did not like the way our Cockney answered officers, and reprimanded him.  “Always say ‘yes, sir,’ and ‘no, sir'” he finished.  “Understand?”

“Righto,” chirped our boy.


Sergt. W.F. Adamson of the 1st Australian Light Horse, found in August ’15, at Lone Pine Gallipoli, Roman coins in a trench he was digging.  They were the coins of Lucius Domitius Aurelianus, struck at Alexandria, A.D. 270.  This money was used to pay Roman soldiers who were fighting the Turks in the same territory occupied by the Australians.  So war goes on.

More to come in time.


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